Entertaining is one of the most fun things we do in our homes. We all want to entertain in style! And that means having the right tools. For this blog, I will concentrate on bar accessories but may veer into all kinds of home accessories in future blogs.

A few years ago, I had a custom bar built for our home by Classic Bars. I like their slogan, “We only build bars”. Having the bar stimulated my interest in home entertaining.

One of my favorite items for the bar are crystal decanters.

I call all crystal items the “jewelry of the bar.” One of my favorite brands is Waterford. Did you know Waterford never has seconds? If it’s not perfect, they break the piece and start again. I have been to their factory in Waterford, Ireland and it is a great factory and showroom to visit.

Another favorite decanter brand are the ones from Ralph Lauren. Lauren’s decanters have more of a contemporary look and Waterford’s a more traditional. I like both!

Another decanter category that I like are some of the ones from the whisky distilleries. Some of my favorite ones are from Jack Daniels.