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Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder – Exterior

The Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder has to be one of the great whiskey bars anywhere! And it is located in a town with a population of only about 15,000 people. What makes the Celtic Whiskey Bar so special?  Well, it has about 1400 different bottles of whiskey with about half being Irish whiskies.  Just the sheer number of different bottles makes it pretty special and different.  But even more so is the number of hard to find, limited edition , bottles they have to enjoy.  The bar serves delicious food and has whiskey tastings that include cheeses and chocolate!  The bar holds Irish whiskey masterclasses and provides the opportunity to bottle your own Irish Whiskey and label it for yourself or a loved one.  For further information about this Irish Whiskey Experience you can visit their web site at celticwhiskeybar.com


Celtic Whiskey Bar 1400 Bottles


Bottle Your Own Irish Whiskey

Did you ever want to taste Pappy Van Winkle without shelling out lots of money?   They have all the various years and you can sip and decide which bottle you like the best. Additionally, they had several of the equally hard to find Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, including William Larue Weller, Thomas Handy Straight Rye, Sazerac 18 year old, George T. Stagg and Eagle Rare 17.  I collect whiskey and these bottles are rare and elusive to find at your local liquor store and in most bars.


American Whiskies at the Celtic Whiskey Bar

When in Ireland, drink what the Irish drink, that is, besides Guinness beer.   That would be lots and lots of Irish whiskey.  This is where the Celtic Whiskey Bar really shines.   It has Jameson for sure which is Ireland’s most well known brand of whiskey.  It is a favorite of mine!  Just as with their American counterpart rare whiskies, this bar has the rare and hard to find Irish ones, too.  This includes Teeling 24 year old Single Malt, Midleton 26 Year Old Pure Pot Still, Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve, and Kilbeggan 21 Year Old to name just a few.  The longer the whiskey stays in the barrel, the more whiskey is lost to evaporation.  This is called the Angel’s share.  So you can see why these whiskies are so rare.  And most of these whiskies never make it to the American market


One Of Many Menu Pages Of  Irish Whiskies

If the American and the Irish Whiskies were not enough, yes, they have an incredible selection of Scottish single malts and blended whiskies.  These include MacCallan 25, Dalmore 25, Longgrow 18, and GlendDronach 24 Year Old Grandeur to mention a few.  They have a large selection of Japanese whiskies as well.  One of these is the Nikka Gold & Gold Whisky. It has a metal Samurai helmet and armour that fits perfectly on the bottle. The bar has many other very affordable and excellent whiskies, also.  I had the Powers 12 year old and it was very smooth.  I had a Jameson with ginger ale and lots of lime.  It was tasty and refreshing.


Whiskey Flights Celtic Whiskey Bar


Nikka Gold & Gold with Ninja Armor

If being surrounded by all these whiskies is not enough, the bar has about 300 different gins with half being Irish Gins.  Some of the Irish gins names are quite unique such as Bertha’s Revenge, Dingle, and Gunpowder. Bertha’s Revenge Gin is called a milk gin, as it is made from whey ethanol, a by product of milk production.  It has a unique taste profile that has orange, cumin, cloves, and cinnamon.  They have a huge selection of British and American gins as well.  And, of course,  for you beer drinkers, there is a great selection of bottle and draft beers.


Bertha’s Revenge Gin

The town of Killarney, where the Celtic Whiskey Bar is located, is a fantastic place for use as a base to explore, not only Killarney, but other parts of Ireland such as many of the great golf courses, the coast, and the Jameson Distillery in Midleton.   Killarney has a National Park that has 26,000 acres with lakes, medieval castles, magnificent estates and more.


Killarney National Park

Other great bars and pubs in Killarney include Murphy’s (wonderful music and food), The Pink Lounge at the Ross Hotel (great gin tastings), and J.M. Reidys (a multi room bar with traditional Irish music).  If you find yourself in Killarney, don’t miss the Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder and the other great pubs and bars there.  By the way, one definition of larder is a supply of food.


The Gins of The Pink Lounge

If you would like to contact me about bars and bar accessories, you can reach me at my email below.  Until next time, have fun at your favorite bar!

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