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We all know that Disney World is a wonderful place for everyone of all ages but did you know that Disney Springs has many unique bars?  My family first traveled to Disney World for many years with our children and now we go sometimes with our children and grandchildren. But since our children are now grown, my wife and I have visited Disney more often as just a couple. We have as much fun as we did with the children, but in different ways!

So often, visiting Disney can be a blur of trying to see everything at the various parks. Without proper planning, one can easily end up standing in line for long periods of time and rushing everywhere. However, the Disney World resorts can offer adults a wide variety of activities at a much slower pace. These can include the fabulous swimming pools, golf courses, shopping, restaurants, and of course, bars.

One of great things about Disney is the vast number of bars that are all around the various parks and, in particular, Disney Springs. This sprawling complex of restaurants, shops, and bars used to be named Downtown Disney. Disney Springs is now several times larger than before. If you have not been to Disney Springs within the last three years, you will be amazed at the changes. And they are continuing to expand with more restaurants and bars coming soon!

There are so many bars within Disney World that it would be difficult to discuss all of them within a blog post. But here are some at Disney Springs that I believe would be of interest.


Boathouse Bar at Disney Springs

The Boathouse Indoor and Outdoor Bars-Disney Springs

The Boathouse is a wonderful bar and eatery that is operated by the famed Chicago restaurant Gibson’s. The bar as well as the restaurant is nautical themed with boats and outboard motors everywhere. Most of the entire building is built over water and it is meant to look like an old boathouse.

The indoor bar is double sided and is quite large. Tables abound all around the bar along with comfortable bar stools. I like that on most days the doors stay open so you have a nice breeze coming through. There are televisions on both sides of the bar for keeping track of your favorite sports.

The outdoor bar is adjacent to the restaurant and you enter by a long deck. Again, there are comfortable bar stools and tables that are all around the bar and the tables extend to a lower level where a number of antique boats, many wooden, are there for viewing. This bar has a very high cathedral ceiling that is all white wood. The views from the bar are of the lake and those wonderful antique boats. In addition to these boats, the Boathouse is where the amphi cars are launched. These cars can be driven on land and can become boats as they float and have propellers. They were built in Germany and there are very few left in the world. I believe there are about seven here at The Boathouse. You can watch the boats launch from the outdoor bar and see them in action on the lake. Both bars serve your favorite drinks and provide a wonderful atmosphere that is unique.


Dockside Bar at The Boathouse


Antique Boats at The Boathouse


Amphicar at The Boathouse

The Polite Pig Bourbon Bar at Disney Springs

Bourbon is my choice of drink and this new bar does not disappoint.   It has a wide selection of bourbons and you can purchase different flights. I counted about 70 different bourbons. It has a very hard to find bourbon, Elmer T. Lee. I have not been able to find that bourbon in my state at a liquor store for over a year. The bar is round and part of the bar extends so that it is outside. I found that to be very unique. The atmosphere is bustling and the bartenders were friendly. They serve small batch cocktails that can be purchased as a single drink or in pitchers. The food it serves include BBQ, ribs, chicken, and a wide variety of sides dishes.


The Polite Pig  Bourbon Bar


The Polite Pig Bourbon Menu

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Raglan Road is a fantastic Irish bar and restaurant. In fact, the two large indoor bars were shipped from Ireland to this location at Disney Springs. It is a very large area inside with several sections, and stage for the band and the Irish dancers.   One bar is double sided with dark wood and mosaic columns. The other bar is dark as well and is a very long bar. The music is mainly Irish when we have visited and is highly entertaining.


Raglan Road Entrance


Raglan Road Bar



Raglan Road Long Bar

Additionally, they have an outdoor bar and seating area called the Tonsil Tickler. They have entertainment there as well as inside. There is a great selection of Irish whiskeys as well as American standard favorites. They have some Irish themed drinks that include a Bailey’s Shake, Irish Iced Tea and a Dublin Donkey.


Raglan Road Outdoor Bar

Paradiso 37

Paradiso 37 is a restaurant and bar that features the best food of the 37 countries located in the Americas. It has a soaring ceiling that highlights the tall glass shelves of the bar. It is famous for its tequila bar that has over 30 different tequilas.   They also, tout their 29 degree beer which they say is the world’s coldest. As Orlando can get very hot, I say this is a terrific place for a beer! Their location has a great view of the lake, too.


Paradisio 37


Paradiso 37

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

This bar and restaurant is named after Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Indiana Jones, pilot, Jock Lindsey. The building is shaped like an old fashioned airplane hanger. It has all kinds of airplane themes including ceiling fans that are propellers. Outside it has another bar and a boat named after Jock’s pet snake, Reggie.


Hangar Bar Entrance

The bar features many different cocktails. One is called Reggie’s Revenge and there is bottle and draft beer. Make sure to visit this interesting bar while at Disney Springs.


Hangar Bar Interior

 Coming Soon-Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar

Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar has been in the works for a couple of years. What was only rumors a couple of years ago is now coming to fruition. What used to be called Pleasure Island and The Landing had utilidors, short for utility corridors. These were service tunnels similar to the ones at The Magic Kingdom that are used to take away trash and service the various sites.


Entrance to Enzo’s Hideaway From Maria Enzo’s Ristorante

It is now going to be used as a speakeasy that makes use of the tunnel that will connect this bar to Maria and Enzo’s. The bar was inspired by Roman aperitivo bars. The back-story is the tunnels were used by rum runners. It will serve Prohibition style drinks. I know I can hardly wait to visit this bar!


Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar Logo

Coming Soon-Wine Bar George

Lets not forget all of you wine aficionados. Opening sometime in late 2017 or early 2018 is Wine Bar George. George Miliotes is one of the industry’s best wine experts. There is only a couple of hundred professionals certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and he is one of them.   He is bringing to this wine bar a list of more than 100 bottles and glass selections. It will include many vintages and prices.   Additionally, they have plans for special events, wine education, and visits from winemakers.


Rendering of Wine Bar George

Final Thoughts

It is easy to do a pub crawl and visit all these bars as they are all relatively close together. They are unique and fun. It would be great to have just one of these in a location. To have all of these in close proximity is truly Magical!

Until next time, have fun at your favorite bar!

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